5 Things You Should Know About Social Media Advertising

As over two billion people have joined the ranks of various social media sites, it’s very important, as a company or business, to understand just how massive and enormous advertising on these platforms has become.

In this article, we will be listing down the five main things that should be in your grip if you are interested in social media advertising!

  • Target Consumers Like Never Before

With all the nifty tools and add-ons social media platforms in the likes of Instagram or Facebook bestow us with, it has never been easier to laser down the perfect consumer base for any of your products.

Not only can you select age, sex, location, race and so on but as people trust these companies, they are handing out their private information for free!

That means that you could potentially target a remarried Asian woman that moved three times and has exactly two sons, one daughter and a love for Corn Flakes, not that we are implying anything.

  • Test Our All Of Your Advertising Ideas

I’ve often found myself baffled by the extravagant fees advertisers had to pay just to get into a magazine or billboard.

To make things worse, it was oftentimes a longer-term contract and changing the content of your advertisement was always a hassle, and sometimes, not possible.

Nowadays, you can open-up hundreds of Facebook campaigns, leave them to run until they spend 5$, track which ads performed the best, rinse and repeat until you get a definite winner!

It has made advertising much more approachable and profitable for smaller companies which is a giant plus for newly-found businesses.

  • It Can Be Free Or Quite Costly

Since anyone can open a free account on almost all social media platforms, one good, informative post or a meme that many people can relate to can and will boost your social media page to the moon.

When such a thing happens, you are basically getting hundreds, sometimes even thousands of visitors to your site, which will than translate into customers.

Best thing of all, you didn’t have to spend a dime!

On the other hand, bidding wars on competitive products can become quite outrageous and It isn’t unheard of that some companies pay up to a thousand dollars for just one click on an advertisement!

  • Some Social Media Platforms Just Won’t Cut It!

Different platforms contain different users and with that being a given, you’ll have to do a lot of testing as one product could literally be a goldmine on one site, while completely failing to impress on another!

That’s why, before leaping into any kind of advertising adventure, you always have to read your audience and clairvoyantly predict what sort of reaction they will have on certain things.

This task is made easier by all the tools and information a platform bestows you with


  • More Media, Less Text!


It is not surprising that images, info slides and videos get proportionally more likes, shares and other social signals in comparison to text.

You have to understand that the era of the written word is coming to an end, given that the average user span has vastly deteriorated within the last decade, you’ll have to tell a story of a thousand words by some other means!

To sum up, although social media advertising can make your company surge like nothing before, it can also frustrate and ail you with all sorts of problems.

As easy as it is to build reputation and gain exposure, the same applies for the other way around; Once your reputation is tarnished, there won’t be an easy way out!

All in all, it’s a double-edged sword that requires patience, a lot of research and meticulous perseverance to succeed!

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