The Role Of A Marketing Coordinator In An Advertising Company

Even mid-sized advertising companies have so many embellishing titles and job names that it can sometimes be pretty tough to distinguish between them and their roles.

For examples sake, you have the marketing executive, director, officer, manager, etc.

Don’t forget that this is just one branch!

Regular people oftentimes don’t bother with the monikers at all and mix them all into one cup but that’s not the professional way to go about things.

Today, we’ll be exploring the valiant role of a marketing coordinator in an advertising company and why knowing what his function entails is so important!

Let’s start with the nuts and bolts; The first thing every marketing coordinator does is to assist his team members with special knowledge that only he has possession of.

You can imagine him to be an onlooker from the outside, having a better and larger perspective over the entire advertising project.

After the fundamentals of the task at hand have been established, it is him that adds that extra bit of flavoring that could make or break the entire deal!

You would be surprised at how just small changes in detail can be the difference of launching a profitable campaign to running the company towards the bottom of the sea!

The second important role, a bit more secretive than the others, is snooping on the competition and see what they are up to.

This can be done in a myriad of ways and it mostly isn’t what you’ve seen in the movies: He won’t become a double agent for an adjacent company and then betray both businesses for a third deal with the Russians!

No, it will be done in a much more simple and crude way; He might pretend to be a customer and walk around the premises just to observe how FAR and how DEVELOPED the competition is.

To keep it short: The main info he is trying to strip is how far the competition is lagging behind or how far his company needs to go in order to be able to take a shot at a more developed business!

Next in line would definitely be online presence.

A marketing coordinator is the quintessential figure in that entire realm as he is the one that appoints the logo designers, content writers, handles digital business-to-business deals and so on.

Over the years, as the online community has grown from ‘that thing the nerds like to do’ towards ‘if you aren’t online, you’ve been living under a rock’, such a shift in perspective has caused advertising companies to put a lot more resources and time into the entire ordeal.

This has made the task of being a marketing coordinator profoundly important.

It’s important to note that besides just dealing with the companies own social media presence, he is also obligated to monitor how social trends are changing and what sort of effect that has on his company.

A case in point example would have to be the picking up of new marketing techniques, such as experiential marketing, over the bland and outdated, traditional spiels.

Good marketing coordinators would jump in on it, test it out and see if it works for their type of business and carefully observe if such a style is feasible with their business model.

This brings me to my last point in this write-up, the most valuable thing a marketing coordinator can do for his advertising company is keeping his attitude transparent and liberal.

New things are spawning left and right and while hopping from one idea to another isn’t the smartest thing to do, being open enough to consider everything is a trait that pays off in the long run!

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