Why Companies Are Leaning Towards Experiential Campaigns

If the Internet has shown us anything in all these years of operation, it is that we are a lot more gullible and emotional than previously thought.

It is not the immaculately dressed salesman in a direct, confident voice, pitching a ‘revolutionary’ product by telling us why a purchase would be the rational thing to do, all delivered in a black-and- white TV set but a simple, yet inviting smile of a young child next to the brand logo.

Can’t catch my stride?

The thing is, regular consumers have finally seen through the marketing spiels of dealers and now do their best to avoid them like the plague!

If they, if so much, catch a sniff of someone trying to peddle a product, they will either change the channel, exit the site or throw the magazine in the trash.

This is only one of the many reasons why businesses are now actively seeking ways of establishing an emotional connection with their consumer.

Have you ever wondered just how much money a company has to spend to get a small shot in between the big game that is being played?

We are talking about six or seven figures and that’s not something to be taken lightly.

If you have to pay such an amount any time you want a consumer to be reminded of your product, you will never break even!

That’s why, instead of shooting for the quick buck, companies are aiming for the long game. If a company is able to equate the very emotionally driven and fun activity of football to buying and drinking a glass of Coca-Cola, then they have built a long-lasting ad inside of the targets brain.

Every time a new football game is on TV, the mind will, either consciously or subconsciously, match the screws and naturally seek for a glass of soda, as that is what we need to really enjoy a game of football!

I hope that you are now starting to understand the magic behind experiential marketing, but believe me, this is only half of the story!

What is so amazing about this practice and this brings us to the third point, is that your consumers become the driving force behind your brand.

The best example that I could find would be the way Red Bull markets their cans. Even if you have been living under a rock, you must have heard of the Red Bull girls.

They are basically handing out a free can of soda in exchange for a smile and a picture with two beautiful vixens. Just sit back for a moment and revel in the ingenuity of such a practice.

Not only are you more inclined to become a regular purchaser as you are tying such a positive experience to the drink, but they can use your visage for the purpose of experiential marketing!

Taken even further, they could handout free T-Shirts or any other cheap product, like bumper stickers, and they will have free, lifetime advertising just because they have taken the time to engage with the customer.

Absolutely brilliant!

Last but not least, experiential marketing does something where all other practices fail. Not only does it connect the user to the product but also to other people with similar interests.

Considering just how lonely our interconnected world has become, and how many people struggle to uphold simple relationships, creating meeting points, like charity marathons, is yet another step towards your company being seen as both considerate, empathetic and lastly, valuable.

We are here talking about a level of bond that cannot be reached by any other means and that is why companies are all over experiential campaigns!

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